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Meet the Team: Huw Moseley, Producer at Reimagine Redditch

Updated: Apr 25

Photograph by Calvin Tasker

I’m Huw and I started working with the Reimagine Redditch team from the get-go back in April 2022. I’ve worked for Bromsgrove District Council and Redditch Borough Council since 1998 and 2011 respectively, and all the work I do in Redditch is with the Reimagine Redditch team. For Reimagine Redditch, I’m a Community Producer, and I’m loving every second.

Working as a part of the new Reimagine Redditch Team has been exciting for me: I’ve loved working with the team and to see a new style of working with communities – the activities are led by them. The team is energetic and passionate, and I’ve loved trying out new creative ideas with communities, which is invaluable for delivering the project. The individuals, groups and organisations I’ve worked with over the years in Redditch are incredible—the work they do with people is incredible, and their ideas are second to none. The Positivity Rocks community public art project, Arts in Redditch Pop Up Galleries (10th anniversary this year) and the Bromsgrove Galloper heritage community public art project are just a few examples of the creative projects I’ve developed with local communities over the years.

I’m currently running the Have a Go! project. It came out of conversations with local people and community partners and it’s based on the Creative Connections pilot project that Reimagine Redditch ran in 2023. During these conversations, we noticed that lots of people experience loneliness and isolation in Redditch and we wanted to develop a creative and community response to it. We put a callout for artists to run workshops at 9 community organisations in venues across the borough – in Feckenham, Crabbs Cross, Batchley and Winyates – and our community panel of Redditch people selected them at a special meeting back in November.

I’ve connected and developed relationships with many more organisations and groups from across Redditch as a result of Have a Go! who are at the heart of Redditch’s communities. We’re halfway through delivering Have a Go! and you can still join us for one by signing up here. Why not come and have a go yourself?

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