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The palette will be a snapshot of how local people see the borough in 2024.

People in Redditch are telling us about their favourite colours and what they love about the borough. From the green of Arrow Valley and the brown of the Water Tower, to the blue of the sky on your favourite day in Redditch.

Tell us yours by taking two minutes to fill out the form below.

What are Redditch’s icons for you?

What’s special about Redditch to you?

Where did you have your first date? Your first day at school?  Your first job?

How do you have fun in Redditch?


Tell us your ideas

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Thanks for submitting!

Once we have everybody’s ideas, our artist, Stacey Barnfield, from The Colour Palette company, will produce a selection of colour choices. Then, everyone in Redditch will get the chance to vote for their favourite. Stacey will then create unique artworks, which will be displayed at locations in Redditch, for everyone to enjoy. 

Artist Stacey Barnfield says: 


“The Colour Palette artworks are all about celebrating local; the areas we grew up in, the people who inspire us, the places we love and the buildings we cherish. It’s wonderful that the Redditch Colour Palette is being shaped by people who live, work and play here. My thanks go out to everyone who submits a suggestion.” 


Let’s create. 

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