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We're recruiting artists

We're recruiting high quality, novel and engaging creative practitioners and artists to run workshops in winter 2024 for our Have a Go! programme. 

This is a pilot project, and the programme may be funded beyond March 2024 depending on its success.


Organisations may apply, but it’s important the individual who will lead the event make the application.


We are particularly interested to hear from creative practitioners and artists who have expertise supporting and improving wellbeing and mental health through creative activities.

This opportunity is open to creative practitioners and artists with experience of delivering workshops to people who do not regularly engage in the arts and in culture.


You might be an artist, curator, dancer, designer, musician, performer, or writer. 


We particularly welcome applications from creative practitioners and artists who are under-represented in the arts and in culture. Body art, costume making and theatre and make up, for example, have all been identified by the community as examples of different types of creative activities.

Applicants from Worcestershire and neighbouring counties are especially invited to apply.

The closing date to submit your interest is 8th November 2023 at 9 am.

To apply, download the brief and follow the application process.

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