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Redditch People to Design Borough’s New ‘Colour Palette’

Updated: Feb 25

People across the borough of Redditch have the unique opportunity to shape Reimagine Redditch’s next bold and colourful project, which will see artworks installed in public places this Spring.

The Redditch Colour Palette project will combine colour with what local people’s experiences of Redditch are: where did you grow up? What is it about Redditch’s history and future? What stories do you have to tell about Redditch? Redditch people can have their say by taking 2 minutes to submit suggestions online on Reimagine Redditch’s website:

When everyone’s ideas are in, a panel of local people will make a shortlist of their favourite colours. Then, a public vote will decide the winning colours that form Redditch’s distinctive palette. The final palette will be announced in April.

Similar projects have been developed with the same national artist, Stacey Barnfield, of the Colour Palette Company, for different places and organisations around the world and across the UK: Stacey has worked all over the UK. The Redditch Colour Palette is the latest palette he is designing.  

The Borough’s dedicated creative and cultural programme, Reimagine Redditch, has partnered with The Colour Palette Company, Redditch BID and the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, to develop the project with local people.

Reimagine Redditch is a Creative People and Places programme, funded by Arts Council England, that is working in Redditch to develop and deliver creative activities for everybody, but especially for people who don’t regularly take part in creative activities. It’s led by local people, who develop activities and events with Redditch communities at their heart.

Artist Stacey Barnfield, from The Colour Palette Company, said: “The Colour Palette artworks are all about celebrating local; the areas we grew up in, the people who inspire us, the places we love and the buildings we cherish. It’s wonderful that the Redditch Colour Palette is being shaped by people who live, work and play here. My thanks go out to everyone who submits a suggestion.”

Adrian Field, General Manager for the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, and Chair of Redditch BID said: "Belfast and Birmingham, Liverpool and Lincolnshire: each of these places (and many more) have embarked upon a campaign to find a unique colour palette, designed just for them, in response to ideas from the people who live there. Redditch now joins this group of British places in marking out its identity and what matters to local people about their place through colour. We are thrilled to be supporting this exciting campaign and can’t wait to see and share the results.”

Muj Rahman, BID Manager, said: “The Colour Palette is all about brightening up Redditch’s high streets and communities and gives everybody a chance to see Redditch anew through fresh eyes. It’s led by local people and will be a colour palette by them and for them. We are delighted to support this initiative and to see the change it will bring to Redditch!”

Richard Bromhall, Programme Director for Reimagine Redditch, said: "Redditch has a vibrant and long-standing creative tradition - from manufacturing the world’s needles and installing great mosaics, to the brilliant community-run creative groups that communities run all over Redditch today. So, we’re delighted that we can add to our history by creating this landmark project together as a community. This palette will be designed and used by people in Redditch, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.”

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