Let’s create

We want to offer excellent creative and cultural experiences for everybody in Redditch. And we want people across the borough to help decide what that looks like and how it’s delivered. So, we do a lot of listening and meet lots of great locals who tell us what’s most important. What matters to you, matters to us. Let’s create.


Everyone in Redditch will have the opportunity to take part in and enjoy vibrant cultural experiences, created by them.


We will co-create excellent, relevant cultural activities and events in partnership with local, national and international creative people. To do this, we will listen to local communities, take time to understand their needs and respect their wishes. At the same time, we will encourage them to be ambitious with us, to challenge perceptions and embrace new experiences.

Behaviour & Values


We believe that imagination is limitless and so we keep finding new ways, experiences and opportunities to imagine.

We search as widely as possible for the best work for us to reimagine Redditch.

We create the conditions that support people to imagine Redditch, and the world, in a different way.

We value the new and the original, and we also take what’s here already and imagine it in a new way.


We think about and create the spaces where we gather so that people feel at ease and supported.

We include everyone until circumstances (including people’s behaviour) make it no longer possible to include people.

We have conversations with partners, venues, and participants to think about how to include as many people as possible, so they can come as they are.

We meet challenges with a thoughtful response.

We think about our approach to make sure it is ethical and meaningful in achieving our aims.

We think about our use of languages to make communication clear and effective.


We make connections with the widest range of people and build great relationships based on trust and honesty.

We connect people to:
• Artists, art, and culture
• One another
• Redditch
• The past, present and the future
• Ideas and possibilities

We encourage people to make a connection between themselves and the thoughts they don’t normally express.

We listen for the value and aspiration in the community and exchange it with energy and ambition for the work.

We are founded in a Consortium of partners and work to honour their vision.


We celebrate all the languages spoken here, which we call ‘The 100 Voices of Redditch.’

We create the conditions where all communities can celebrate together in safety and respect.

By celebrating Redditch’s cultural life, we grow economic prospects for its residents and organisations.

We capture the work or make it easy for Redditch people to celebrate and share it.

We want to make work to make you proud to belong to Redditch.


We know the best ideas come from the community, so we are led by and value those ideas.

We are inspired by the creativity of the community and the community is inspired by our ideas for presenting that creativity.

We hope that by filling up people with the urge to be creative, we can breathe life into that creativity.

We challenge ideas wherever they come from to build on them and make them pop.

We make the work visible so that people can be inspired by it and to remind them that culture is for them.

How did Redditch get its Creative People and Places programme?

Reimagine Redditch is a Creative People and Places project, which is funded by Arts Council England.

Arts, culture and creativity make the places we live vibrant, exciting and inspiring, benefiting our wellbeing and helping to boost local economies.

The Creative People and Places programme focuses on parts of the country where involvement in creativity and culture is much lower than the national average. It funds partners in local areas to empower residents to decide what kind of creative activity they want to experience on their doorstep. And it’s all made possible thanks to National Lottery players, who raise £30 million for good causes each week.

The Reimagine Redditch consortium received £852,000 from Arts Council England as part of its £38.3m investment in Creative People and Places programmes from 2022 to 2025.

The Reimagine Redditch project gives local people new opportunities to engage in a whole host of creative activities, which they will help to design and deliver.

The programme, with its initial funding and the support of local partners, will provide the foundations for a long-term approach which ensures that creativity is embedded in the life of the town.

The Reimagine Redditch Consortium is formed of:

• Bromsgrove and Redditch Network (BARN)

• Severn Arts, an independent arts charity

• Redditch Borough Council (RBC)

• Arts in Redditch (AIR), the local arts network

• Forthright Arts (trading name of Jestaminute Community Theatre CIC)

Reimagine Redditch partners include:

• Redditch Capital Limited, owners of the Kingfisher Centre

• Redditch Business Improvement District (BID)

• Rubicon Leisure Ltd

• Redditch Partnership

• Redditch & Woodrow Libraries (run by Worcestershire County Council)

• Redditch Common Neighbourhood Trust (RCNT)

Our Team

Our Partners